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With great leadership, people can do extraordinary things.
– Lani Phillips

My Personal Mission

To live my life in service of others, never losing sight of what is important and being the change, I want to see in the world. I practice this daily by intentionally leading with my head and heart. 

We can all be the difference!

Be intentional around creating a people-centric and inclusive culture rooted in compassion.
– Lani Phillips

Hi there!

It is my privilege to lead, mentor, and empower teams, partners, and customers as they strive to digitally transform in this new era of accelerated global change.

As a business executive for Microsoft, I help our customers and partners digitally transform their business. With this experience I have also led organizational transformation which at its core is about people. 

I’m also very passionate about digital transformation leadership and committed to empowering people to thrive in Corporate America. Today, everyone is talking about Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion, with lengthy explanations filled with buzzwords. The reality is much clearer. Transformational work is not transactional but relational.

The key to everything in today’s modern workplace is learning that companies today must prioritize their people at the same level they do the customer, and that’s the winning formula.


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