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This year at Women in Cloud Summit 2020, my session was “How the Best Leaders Create Inclusive Cultures.” We discussed best practices for inclusion, and reflected on how you show up today across Awareness, Curiosity and Courage. Practical tips were shared with the goal of creating a community of like-minded individuals who will partner with you on your journey to being a more inclusive leader.

An Authentic Conversation,
From Co-selling to the Impact of Social Injustice.

Lani and her team are responsible for driving digital transformation across customers in Commercial, Mid-Market, and Regulated Industries in the United States with Microsoft’s partner ecosystem, driving a $30B+ business. She and her organization are responsible for accelerating the Co-Selling partnership, which enables partners and Microsoft to drive joint sales pursuits, revenue, and ultimately customer success.

I also wanted to ensure we spent a fair amount of time discussing her personal and professional journey as an African American Woman rising to the ranks of Vice President at Microsoft. In our conversation, we touch on how the incidents surrounding Geoge Floyd personally impacted her and her family. We also discuss Microsoft’s response toward racial injustice.