Authentic Leadership for the Modern Workplace

As Vice President of Microsoft’s US Global Partner Solutions (GPS), I lead Microsoft’s US Channel Sales strategy and driving our customers business outcomes through our partner ecosystem with our joint solutions and services. 

The global pandemic, digital transformation, social unrest, hybrid work and the great resignation has forced leaders today to shift from an old leadership methodology to a new one so it can enable more connection to their people. Leaders today will need to exercise both head and heart to develop authentic leadership.

I enjoy speaking with leaders at all levels about transforming their leadership style to drive maximum employee engagement, building high performance teams, and achieving true cultural transformation.

I could listen to you speak all day, Lani. Thank you!

– Janiece

Thank you Lani for sharing such helpful info, both personal and professional wisdom.

– Doris

That was amazing Lani – thank you for leading by example and sharing your applicable wisdom.

– Sunnie

I love your boldness and how you’re so grounded in your authenticity and who you are.

– Karen

Such wisdom and honesty – excellent information and encouragement! Thank you.

– Jen

Such amazing examples – thank you.

– Cass

Inclusion is the solution – perfectly said, Lani.

– Heather

You are uniquely designed with a set of gifts that the world deserves to experience.’ LOVE THIS.

– Adelaide

Thanks for your wisdom Lani!

– Danika

As a senior technology executive, I have been on the forefront of the digital disruption that we face in the workplace. Now more than ever we must focus on the cultural transformation in addition to the digital transformation journey for success.

My passion for authentic leadership was born from me witnessing firsthand what great leadership looks like. When you empower people with the right support around them, they will do extraordinary things. I believe in a people-centric leadership philosophy that has been the blueprint I have used for years as I navigated my own leadership journey. When done right you will see exceptional results.

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