“With great leadership, people can do extraordinary things.”

– Lani Phillips

Digital Transformation
Inclusive Cultures
Change Agent

Who is Lani?

I’m Sherlaender “Lani” Phillips, a seasoned technology executive with over 20+ years in the technology industry. All my friends and colleagues call me Lani. I am also a wife, mother, sister, mentor and friend to many. I have an enormous passion for leadership with direct experience leading large and small organizations in a highly matrixed environment. 

This passion comes from a strong desire to change the profile of future leaders in the pipeline. In this digital era, we have 4 or 5 generations in the workplace depending on your industry. It is even more critical our future leaders are well versed in creating people-centric cultures rooted in empathy. 

I have dedicated myself to being a lifelong student of this work to equip myself and others to be more effective leading people. My legacy I want to leave is demonstrating a people-centric leadership philosophy works when creating a high-performance culture. Sharing my learnings with future leaders is my responsibility. It is my hope that more companies really value this leadership approach. It truly does make a difference on performance. I share this work with others through mentoring, coaching, speaking engagements, guest spots on podcasts, blogging and in 2020 the release of my first leadership book and podcast.

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“Be intentional around creating a people-centric and inclusive culture rooted in empathy.”
– Lani Phillips

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