Lessons Learned from an Authentic Woman

In life, I have found that we can learn something from everyone we encounter. Today, I am sharing what I have learned from my Executive Assistant, Ashley Gomez. I am so proud of her because she recently got promoted and will be moving into a Business Program Management role within Microsoft Enterprise Commercial Business. Words will never be able to express my gratitude for all she has done to support me and my entire organization. She has given so much, and I wanted to give her the honor and credit she deserves by sharing what character traits I have learned from and value most in her. I think they are a great model for everyone as they navigate this thing called life!

 1.      Tenacity – No matter how difficult the challenge, she is DETERMINED to get to her goal and never gives up. My fondest memory is of what she did to get me to consider her for the EA role on my team. She did not fit the initial profile that we had scoped, but there was something about our interview that left me with a confirmation that she was the right person for the role. Thank you for your tenacity.

 2.      Creativity – Sometimes, in business, we forget the power of using both parts of our brain. Ashley can think differently and creatively solve problems by tapping into both halves. This strength came in handy this past year – she had the most creative suggestions for making our organization feel valued in a challenging season. And while we are talking about creativity, I also learned from her that I need to make more space for a creative outlet, which helps me destress!

3.      Commitment to Learning – Ashley invested in her formal education and completed her MBA while working with me. She has also been so resourceful and always has inventive ways of solving problems. If she does not have the answer, she has the resources at her fingertips to quickly get it. I appreciate how much she enjoys learning new things and adding to her knowledge base. 

 4.      Allyship – It is one thing to say you support Diversity and Inclusion, but it is another thing to live it. Ashley embraces everyone and demonstrates her allyship in all her actions. My fondest memory of this was when I had given Ashley an evening off while we traveled together, and she decided to accompany me to a Blacks at Microsoft event. She leaned in and embraced the experience, and we had the best time just being present and, in the moment, together. 

 5.      Confidence – Ashley has infectious confidence. It is the most attractive accessory she wears! She walks into every room as if she belongs. No matter who the meeting is with, she will find something to connect on and she quickly gets comfortable. She is an incredible example for others on how to exude confidence and build relationships.

Ashley has been a tremendous asset to our team these last two years, and we are so grateful for all she has given us. We wish you continued success and look forward to the incredible things you will do next.

 Thank you for everything and for always being “Authentically” you!