Reading Corner

Everything I learned was through trial and error, reading books, formal education, mentorship and executive coaching. This has created a strong desire in me to give back to other aspiring leaders or seasoned leaders who are challenged to build followership, high performing organizations and true cultural transformation. I enjoy helping those who have a heart for leadership and a desire to be a culture change agent in this digital era.

Invincible Success is a must read.  If you follow the principles in this book you will get results. Mark has made this an easy read with some really great stories. This book is both informative and inspirational. I highly recommend Invincible Success it is a ‘Must Have’  toolkit to anyone in sales and leadership.

When I first discovered this book, I thought, Why didn’t I have this when I started my career? This book truly lays out the blueprint for how to accelerate your career. Marion Brooks is spot on selecting and outlining the Four Ps: Performance, Perceptions, Positioning, and Persistence. Understanding these elements and how they impact your career growth is essential if you desire to excel.

I recommend this book because as a minority leader you need people to look up to and know it can be done. Mr. Robert J. Brown memoir takes readers behind the scenes of pivotal moments from the 20th century, where the lessons he learned at his grandmother’s knee helped him shape America as we know it today. His book is filled with leadership lessons and life lessons that will only leave you wanting to be a better person.

I am recommending this book because what Satya Nadella has done for Microsoft is undeniably a full business and cultural transformation. This book gives you an inside look at how he did that at Microsoft Corporation. You will come away with some practical advice anyone can implement in their environment.

This book will help you understand your WHY so you can find meaning and fulfillment in your career. You will come away with some powerful insights so that you can find more inspiration at work and in turn inspire those around you.

This book shares research that was done to help you understand that taking off the armor and showing up as leaders in a skills-based and actionable playbook.

This book takes a practical approach to helping you find ways to reach your personal goals with easy to remember motivational steps to ensure success.

This book is providing a thoughtful discussion around the digital disruption that continues to accelerate. You will come away with advice on how to balance the promise with risk.