Scale faster with FY21 changes to Azure IP Co-Sell

Welcome partners! As we finish FY21 planning, I cannot help but express how grateful we are for your continued commitment to partnering with Microsoft and delivering on our customers’ business outcomes.

Every partner can co-sell with Microsoft!

All solutions, apps, and service offerings are ready to co-sell with Microsoft. Partners can use these co-sell programs targeted to their solution area:

  • Business Applications: use the Business Applications ISC Connect program
  • Applications & Infrastructure and Data & AI: use the Azure IP Co-Sell program
  • Modern Work & Security: use Commercial Marketplace and AppSource

The four ways partners can extend reach, expand deals, and accelerate wins through co-sell are:

  1. Microsoft Solutions: Partners sell/resell Microsoft technology through their own sellers
  2. Services Co-Sell: Sellers and partners collaborate to sell a partner’s project or managed services with Microsoft technology embedded
  3. IP Co-Sell: Sellers and partners collaborate to sell a partner’s repeatable, packaged IP solution
  4. Selling another partner’s solution: Partners sell/resell another partner’s offer or solution to customers

Grow your business with Azure IP Co-Sell

The purpose of the Azure IP Co-Sell program is to raise the visibility of Azure IP solutions to our sellers, generating new co-sell opportunities for you, our partners. Your sellers will be able to engage with the Microsoft sellers who are incentivized to draw on the industry expertise of you, our partners, to accelerate our customers’ digital transformation.

We are excited to share with you some changes to the program. For partners pursuing an Azure Co-Sell engagement solution, we have simplified our deal process and changed the incentive structure for Microsoft sellers this year. We have made it easier to bring the right solutions to the customer at the right time to scale your business with the Microsoft ecosystem.

When you pursue an Azure Co-Sell engagement solution, you can:

  • Extend your reach: Enter new markets with an expanded portfolio of solutions, be discovered by millions of new customers through Commercial Marketplace, and access the global partner reseller network
  • Win bigger deals: Create integrated solutions with Microsoft and partner-to-partner opportunities
  • Accelerate wins: Transact directly with customers in Commercial Marketplace and position your solution by sharing more leads with Microsoft sellers

What is new in FY21 for our sellers

Changes for FY21 are centered on simplifying and improving how sellers are incented to support IP Co-Sell deals.

Adjustments for FY21 include:

  • Heightened focus on revenue/ACR, not win count
    • Incentivizes sellers to work on even smaller deals
    • Incentives improved for partners running in their TENANT/SAAS providers
  • Simplified and consistent Microsoft Sales compensation model
  • Improved processes
    • For deals where no help from Microsoft is needed, partners will flag those deals as ‘no help required from Microsoft’ in Partner Center
    • Introduction of DocuSign deal validation

We are looking forward to doing more together in FY21. For more detail about these changes, see the FY21 Azure IP Co-Sell Guide.

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