“Lani has been a great mentor and coach to me over the past three years. I can say that Lani has been one of the best leaders that I have had the opportunity to work for in my career. When I think about her skills, I think of her People Leadership first and foremost. Lani sets a strong vision for the team and consistently demonstrates that she values her team both individually and collectively. Lani is always all in to help meet our collective teams business objectives. This commitment gives her team a level of confidence that helps everyone be their best. Personally, I appreciate her ethics, kind counsel, and cheerful approach. I highly recommend her for any future leadership role she chooses to pursue.”

Tim Jackson, Technology Sales Leader

“I have had the privilege of working for Lani over the course of two fiscal years. Lani is incredibly balanced as a sales leader. She’s able to drive strong, consistent revenue performance while continually investing in her teams and helping take her people to new heights. Lani always makes herself available for coaching and guidance when requested and is incredibly supportive when dealing with challenging situations. She is able to see the long-term perspective in challenging situations and is focused on what is best for the business and the people on her team first. I’ve learned a tremendous amount having had the opportunity to work for her and look forward to staying connected for many years to come.”

Adam Burke, Technical Sales and Solutions

“I had the pleasure of working with Sherlaender at the St. Paul Companies (now Travelers Insurance) in the IT Education department. From the beginning, I was impressed with her professionalism and dedication to the project. She provided leadership and focus and was a major contributor to the department. At the time we were tasked with creating and providing web-based training for an employee base of over 10,000. Sherlaender is definitely an asset to any organization that she would work for. I’m impressed with her accomplishments and hope to work with her again one day.”

Lorraine Moses, PMP Program Manager

“I had the opportunity to report to Lani directly for FY11 at Microsoft, as an Application Platform Specialist. Lani is an excellent manager, a true people first manager who listens well and provides direct and honest feedback, that is actionable. Lani has helped me develop my career goals and aspirations. Challenged me to go above and beyond in my job duties, is always very supportive and is always there when you need her.”

Michael Bosse, Application Platform Specialist

“Sherlaender “Lani” Phillips is one of the greatest managers I have had the fortune and experience to work with in my 20+ years in the technology industry.  She has a unique blend and focus on impact and results through operational excellence however she truly believes and understands how to get the best out of her people and teams.   As a new manager at Microsoft she has invested in my development to coach and mentor with me while focusing on developing the strengths that I can bring to the business.  She models and encourages investments in growth, learning and a drive for excellence. She demonstrates that strong communication and business insights understanding is key to enabling creative solutions for the most complex customer situations and is also essential for day to day business management in a large fortune 100 company like Microsoft.  As this industry transforms from a software to a services “Mobile First Cloud First” business her teams will be ready for challenges of the future.  Thank you Lani for your investment in me and many others in the Microsoft community.”

Christine Krsnik, Retail Global Account Manager

Lani is the best manager that I have worked for in my 12 years at Microsoft. She sets clear and well defined goals for the team. Lani definitely holds us accountable to our goals and deliverables, but she is clearly vested in our success. Lani leverages all of the influences of her office and she works her network to remove obstacles and ensure our success. While working for Lani, I gave all that I had to ensure our success and she consistently went out of her way to acknowledge my hard work, reward it and tried to ensure that I had a work life balance. All in all I know where I stand at all times with Lani and she ensures that every interaction ranging from business reviews, careers discussions and 1 on 1 are always about me and ensuring my success. It is also amazing to me is that she helped me prepare for my next role.

Jean-Claud Armand, Director, Intelligent Cloud Sales, Data & AI Solutions 

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