Walk Into 2021 Fearlessly

The time has come to say goodbye to 2020. Before I do, let me spend some time reflecting on how the year of “Perfect Vision” has provided me some treasured learnings that have allowed me to see more clearly in 2021.

The Value of Time – It is true that time is precious and not renewable. How you choose to spend your time every second of the day is up to you. I can assure you that once that second is gone it is never to return. In a year where we were forced to slow down, I found myself grappling with the best use of my time because I found myself working harder and longer hours. I love what I do so working harder came easy. However, in a year where you see so many lives end so abruptly, I want to live my life on purpose and serve others more. This has taught me to invest my time wisely in 2021 and find more time to do more things that fulfills my soul’s purpose.

Stillness provides Clarity – Dr. Mike Gervais was the first person I learned the importance of meditation and quieting the “drunken monkey” in our head for peak performance. In 2020, I found myself dealing with all kinds of unhealthy thoughts and habits that come with overworking and being tired. I have finally learned the power of pausing, getting still, and meditating to find clarity and calmness. To perform at my optimal peek, I must be able to control my healthy thoughts and practice more discipline daily. I have leveraged the “Calm app” and it has a little bit of everything to give me what I need throughout the day. In 2021, I want to be still more and listen to that little voice inside me that has never led me astray.

Be more Intentional – I want to be more intentional about everything I do with my life. I have the pleasure of leading an incredible organization and community of partners. From day 1 I have always set out to be a difference maker for each person and organization I encounter. My learning is when you are more intentional about everything you do it will bring more clarity and sweeter accomplishments. I set out to share more of myself on social media in 2020. I wanted to be a positive light and share more of my learnings, perspectives, and support others within the community. The reward I got back in return words will never be able to express my gratitude. One simple intention made the impact and accomplishments more fulfilling. I want to practice this more in 2021 in every area of my life. Being intentional around living my life on purpose and being a positive light in more places.

My hope & prayer for all of you reading this in 2021 is 1) Spend your time wisely and find more harmony in your life. 2) Practice getting still so you can gain more clarity around the things you are doing and want to do in your life. 3) Be intentional in all that you do so you can have a more meaningful life.

Let us all walk into 2021 fearlessly!

Happy New Year!